January 26, 2021

Update: added CryptPad (web-based spreadsheet), Mark Text, Dillinger (Markdown editors) to list.romainaubert.com

I maintain a list of products that respect people’s data and are user-friendly.

I do not have specific requirements yet for products I add to the list.

In the past, I’ve been adding mostly open-source softwares; from now on, I will be adding more free and libre open-source softwares. Those are softwares under a free-software license, or a permissive software license, such as GNU All-Permissive Licenses, MIT License, BSD licenses, and Apache licenses.

All products tend to be user-friendly” so people switching from Google can adopt them smoothly.

I added:

  • Web-based spreadsheet: CryptPad (AGPL-3.0 License)
  • MarkDown editor: Mark Text (MIT license), Dillinger (MIT license)

I removed some command-line interface products I had added because I want the List to focus on user-friendly products that are an alternative to Google.


Hey, I’m writing a book to explain the nature of the relation between tech” platforms and us, the users. You can read the synopsis here.

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