January 14, 2021

Update: added EtherCal (web-based spreadsheet), Etherpad (web-based word processor), Framadate (polls), Drop (file transfer) to list.romainaubert.com

I maintain a list of products that respects people’s data, and are user-friendly.

Generally, I add products that are a good alternative to Google’s tools, to help people switch.

I do not have specific requirements yet for products I add to the list. Some are open-source, some are Free/Libre and Open-Source (FLOSS); all products tend to be user-friendly” so people switching from Google can adopt them smoothly.

I added:

  • Web-based spreadsheet: EtherCal
  • Web-based word processor: Etherpad
  • Polls: Framadate
  • File transfer: Drop


Hey, I’m writing a book to explain how platforms and applications get away with what they promise they will do (and don’t do); and what impact your usage has on your well-being. You can sign up here to get an email when the book is out.

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