May 20, 2019

Replacing Facebook with newsletters

I replaced newsfeeds of Facebook, Twitter with newsletters. I thought I was wasting time on Facebook and also working for free. I found myself liking” items instead of engaging conversations, tagging people instead of saying: Hey, how are you? This might be of your interest” or Please let me introduce you to [insert name]” or something else. Too much tagging, liking; not enough meaningful conversation. So I left. I replaced my newsfeed’s udpates with newsletters organised by topics: reading, regions, cities.

At least when I send emails, I don’t find myself chasing social media rewards” i.e. likes or shares, but engaging in conversation.

Emails feel healthier.

One more advantage: there is no algorithm.

Emails rely on SMTP protocol, not on some mark-zuckerberg-wants-to-connect-the-world algorithm. I just want to message some of my friends, not 2.2 billion people. If I send an email to you, you get it — and most likely read it. You might even reply :)

There is no centralized platform playing middle man. We do not need that.

For those who FOMO deleting Facebook:

  • I still have friends;
  • they call me directly when they organise events, if they want to invite me;
  • I still catch my friends when traveling concurrently to the same place;
  • I reclaimed 183 hours per year (30min/day)

I understand some people don’t have the freedom to delete Facebook e.g. running ads for their business.

I use Groups in Contact app on Mac to manage those other newsletters.

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