Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google products

Below is a list of privacy-friendly (mostly open source) alternatives to Google’s products.

Email me at rpsa@protonmail.com to add alternatives.

Google products Alternatives
Google Chrome Firefox
Google Search StartPage
Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Google Analytics Matomo
Google Chrome Passwords Keepass
Firefox Lockwise
Butter cup
Google Docs Any suggestions?
Google Translate DeepL
Google News Winds
Google Messages Signal
Google Mail ProtonMail
Google Photos Piwigo
Google Keep Standard Notes
Simple Note
Mak ink
YouTube PeerTube
Google Blogger Ghost
Google DNS Cloudflare
Google Drive NextCloud
Google Meet Jitsi Meet
Google Voice Mycroft
Google Scholar arXiv
Google Contacts NextCloud
Mail apps
Google Calendars NextCloud
Google Groups Discourse
Google Ads Any suggestions?
Google Alerts Any suggestions?
Google Slides Any suggestions?
Google Flights Any suggestions?
Google Finance Any suggestions?
Google Weather Any suggestions?
Google Sheets Any suggestions?

Funnily enough, Google’s former motto was: Don’t be evil.” They dropped it from their code of conduct in 2018…

There are a lot more privacy-friendly products and apps you can use! Here is a list.

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