June 18, 2020

Privacy, Libre & no alternatives to Google

Below is a list of privacy-friendly, libre and no alternatives to Google.

I tend to replace existing software by Free Software when I find one - or no alternatives.

Google Alternatives
Google Chrome You might want to stop browsing the web and read that book you’ve wanted to read
Google Search Tip: write what you think you need to look on a piece of paper. Wait until tomorrow1
Google Maps Paper maps are fun
Google Analytics Stop tracking people. User research should be a conversation2
Google Chrome Passwords Firefox Lockwise
Butter cup
Google Sheets EtheCal
LibreOffice (use locally)
Google Docs Etherpad
LibreOffice (use locally)
Google Translate Deepl
Google News You read the news too much
Google Messages Element (Matrix protocol)
Google Mail ProtonMail
Google Photos Use an analog camera. Print photos. Gift them to your friends.
Google Keep Joplin
YouTube Stop watching YouTube. Otherwise, watch video locally, using VLC and mp4 files
Google Blogger Ghost
Google DNS Find a non-profit organization for your DNS
Google Drive Keep your data locally
Google Meet Jitsi
Google Voice You look weird talking to your smartphone
Google Scholar arXiv, sci-hub
Google Contacts See email alternatives
Google Calendars Try a pen and paper, buy a notebook calendar; that helps spending less time on screens.
Google Groups Discourse
Google Ads Ethical ads
Google Alerts You already have too much information to deal with
Google Slides Stop using slides. People don’t listen to you when you talk
Google Flights (pandemic times)
Google Finance -
Google Weather $ curl wttr.in/[your-city]
Google Forms User research should be conversation3
Google Store Switch back to a dumb phone

Hey, I’m writing a book to explain the nature of our relation with tech platforms” (e.g. Facebook, Google), and the impact our usage of platforms has on our autonomy, individuality, desire, and intimacy.

  1. Time is the best filter↩︎

  2. I am working on this topic. Get in touch if you want to chat https://romainaubert.com/contact↩︎

  3. see above↩︎

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