Mapping of French Tech Community in Asia

This is a crowdsourced document to help people navigate French Tech community in Asia.

IMPORTANT: the last thing you want to do is send unsolicited, mass emails to these people. the likelihood of getting any response is low. instead, research what are their interest areas, and approach the appropriate ones, individually. otherwise, you are just ruining for everyone. removing contact info is just one click away for them.

  1. Before contacting people - do your research

  2. Before you send any emails - ready below - suggested email framework:
    • Why do you contact me in the first place? Why me?
    • Who are you?
    • What do you do?
    • What do you want?
    • What’s in it for me (i.e. the person you contact)?
  3. Email Tips:
    • Create an email contrarian to what this person receive
    • The best way to get a meeting is not to ask one, let the person decide
    • There is always a reason not to send an email - sent it.
    • If you have nothing to offer, don’t ask
  4. Don’t spray and pray”. Spamming the list will just make you a bad name. Remember everyone knows everyone.

  5. All things equal people prefer to do business with people they know. Even if all things are not equal they still prefer to do business with people they know. The chance of you getting a meeting without a personal referral is much smaller. So do your research and find out who can connect you. Linkedin, Twitter, WeChat and Facebook are your friends

  6. Don’t waste people’s time. Be prepared with answers why you think they are a good fit, before you send the first email. Like said above do your research

  7. Get your name out there, so when you contact people there is a good chance they have heard about you. Go to meetups, Talk to people, help other startups, in sum get your name out there”

  8. Contribute to the community: give first, then ask

  9. Above all - Be honest.

Any questions, comments 👉 DM or tweet

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