May 20, 2018

France Blockchain Ecosystem

This non-exhaustive list of startups, ICOs, conferences, VCs, organisations and people of France’s blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

🚧 Blockchain projects that raised equity

Acinq — working on the scalability of bitcoin protocol, lightning network; raised USD 1.7 million from Serena Capital

Embleema — a protocol to manage health data; raised USD 3.7 million from Techstars, Pharamgest

Ledger — hardware wallet; raised USD 88 million from Draper, Xange, Cathay Innovation, Samsung, Cap Horn.

Spot — cryptocurrency portfolio & market tracking app; raised USD 1.2 million from Kima Ventures

Stratumn — platform to develop enterprise-level blockchain applications; raised USD 9.7 million from BNP Paribas, Otium

Coinhouse — a marketplace to buy and sell crypto; raised USD 2.8 million from Xange, Consensys

Woleet — Timestamping & Electronic signature; raised EUR 1 million

Liquid Share — post negotiation trading platform; raised from Euronext, Societe Generale

Iznes — plaftorm to invest in funds; raised from a few asset managers

Utocat — invest in SMEs ; raised USD 2.6 million from Leap Venture, BPI France

Paymium — exchange; raised EUR 1 million from Kima Ventures, Newfund

MoneyTrack — protocol for directed money; raised from Truffle Capital

Sorare — marketplace for football crypto goods; raised from Kima Ventures, Consensys, Seedcamp

⚡# ICOs in France

  • 18 according to AMF (French SEC)
  • 16 (French team + ICO domiciled in France between 2014-18) according to Avolta Partners

Check out Avolta’s presentation: ICOs 2014-2018

💵 Venture Capitalists investing in crypto/blockchain projects

  • Serena Capital
  • Kima Ventures
  • Korelya Capital
  • Xange
  • Cathay Innovation
  • Truffle Capital
  • Otium Ventures

Also — Bpifrance (France’s public investment bank) invested a total of EUR 9 million via grants (no equity).

👛 2 Cryptocurrencies in the top 100

  • Ark, founder: Francois-Xavier Thoorens; marketcap (as of May 20th, 2019): USD 63 million
  • Tezos, founder: Arthur Breitman; marketcap (as of May 20th, 2019): USD 1.1 billion

📛 Conferences

  • EthCC (Ethereum Community Conference). This is the go-to community-driven conference in France for crypto. 1500 attendees. Organised by Asseth (see below)
  • Others: CryptoMondays Paris, Paris Blockchain Week

🌎 Non-profits & associations

  • La Chaintech — consortium of organisations lobbying for blockchain technology
  • Le Cercle du Coin — promotion of adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Asseth — promotion and education of Ethereum blockchain and organiser of EthCC (Ethereum Community Paris)
  • CryptoFR — a forum and a Slack group gathering 1500 people
  • FD2A French Digital Asset Association — promotion and lobbying for investments in crypto assets

👩‍🚀 People

  • Eric Larchevêque & Pascal Gauthier, Ledger
  • Arthur Breitman, Tezos
  • Francois-Xavier Thoorens, Ark
  • Pierre-Marie Padiou, Acinq
  • Ambre Soubiran, Kaiko
  • Nicolas Louvet, Coinhouse
  • Jerome de Tychey, Asseth, Consensys
  • Claire Balva, Blockchain Partner
  • Frédéric Montagnon, LGO markets
  • Corentin Denoeud, Blockchain studio
  • Gilles Fedak, Iexec
  • Xavier Laversiere, ECAN
  • Jérémie Waquier, Alyra
  • Cyril Bertrand, Xange
  • Ken Timsit, Consensys

🚢 Institutions & Corporates


Kudos to Ivan de Delastours, blockchain lead at BPI, for helping me put together this list; also thanks to Simon Polrot and Brian O’Hagan.

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