How to follow a YouTube channel with RSS

You don’t need a Google/YouTube account to follow a YouTube channel.

Each YouTube channel has a RSS feed.

What is RSS?

RSS allows you to track and access updates of a webpage, a YouTube channel for instance, via a RSS reader. A RSS reader is an application to track and access the RSS feed of a webpage; you can download a RSS reader on your phone or laptop. Read this blog post if you need more information about how to use RSS.

A RSS feed is a URL with feed in it. Sometimes webpages give it to you directly, sometimes they don’t; you have to find it yourself.

How to find the RSS feed of a YouTube channel?

You can find the RSS feed of a YouTube channels by adding its channel ID (the series of numbers and characters present in the URL of a channel homepage) to this URL:


Below is a example for a YouTube channel you would want to follow.

This is the URL of the channel:

So, the URL of its RSS feed is:

You can copy this link in your RSS reader to follow the RSS feed of that channel.

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